Our Team

The Management Board is composed of a group of five members, appointed for a 3-year renewable term. The team includes President Christian Schaack, ATOZ representatives Norbert Becker, Keith O’Donnell, Fatah Boudjelida, and Tonika Hirdman director and representative of the Fondation de Luxembourg. The team is responsible for making decisions regarding the projects to be funded and promoting, as well as developing the long-term strategy relating to the foundation.


The Technical Committee is also composed of five members appointed by the management board and has a hands on role in the day-to-day function of the ATOZ Foundation. It is this team of diverse professionals, Fatah Boudjelida, Christiane O’Donnell, Julie Bourgeois, and Marc De Lièvre from the Fondation de Luxembourg who identify possible projects which correspond to the goals and the mission of the ATOZ Foundation, and bring them to the attention of the Management Board. After the Technical Committee’s careful review, the Management Board gives final approval for the funding of the project.


"In our ever more materialistic world, one cannot help but have great respect for people who feel strongly about making a social contribution to the community, as do the partners and staff of ATOZ. It is a privilege, for me, to chair ATOZ Foundation's management committee. Like the partners and staff of ATOZ, I too, commit to serving the philanthropic goals of our foundation with heart and mind."

Christian Schaack