Fatah Boudjelida_2023

Fatah Boudjelida

Fatah is the Managing Partner - Operations of ATOZ. Fatah has been a member of the Management Committee and a member of the Technical Committee of the ATOZ Foundation since its launch.


After enjoying a successful career with Andersen, Fatah joined ATOZ where he has played an instrumental role in developing the firm and especially its corporate implementation practice. Fatah also acted as the Managing Partner of Fideos between June 2010 and June 2011 and was responsible for its successful performance improvement.


Throughout the years Fatah has gained significant experience in Philanthropy. He is notably active in the fields of education and social cohesion thanks to his involvement in the ATOZ Foundation but also in the fields of arts and health notably focusing on research in diseases affecting genes and the nervous system. He is also a member of 'Amis des Musées' in Luxembourg.


Fatah holds a Master’s degree in Business Law, a Master’s degree in General Law, and a post-graduate degree in Company Law and Administration from the University of Strasbourg.