"Education is the most powerful

weapon which you can use

to change the world"

Nelson Mandela



Who we are

The ATOZ Foundation was established in November 2012 under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg. The foundation seeks to sponsor projects in the Grand Duchy and Grande Région as well as projects abroad; as long as the project's impetus is given by a Luxembourgish organisation or an organisation acting in Luxembourg's close area.

After an organised approval process, allocations are granted to non-profit organisations acting in the field of education and social cohesion for children and young adults.

These organisations must be impact-driven and share our values of trust, integrity and respect.

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of children and their families, whether it be school construction, extracurricular activities, training for income-generating activities, medical research or working in close partnership with the University of Luxembourg to give students opportunities to get closer to a real world experience in the field of tax law.

We want to help non-profit organisations in their efforts to support children and young adults, allowing them to lift themselves out of hardship, strengthen their capacities and find their own way to improve the living conditions through education.

Our values

Who we are

What makes us unique?


We sponsored the First University Chair
for European and International Taxation in Luxembourg

Local Focus 

Local Focus
The ATOZ Foundation supports local organisations

Foundation Initiative  

Employee initiative
Our members are encouraged to propose projects to which they have a connection or affiliation with