iles de Paix

Vocational training and education of farmers and villagers in Benin

studFarmers, women and children

Atakora is the northwesternmost department of Benin. Recently in the Atacora region, local food production has dramatically reduced, and soils have deteriorated. The families of the Atacora regularly lack food and the means to buy it. Their food security is considered very critical, and cases of malnutrition are increasing while lasting solutions exist.

ATOZ foundation supports Iles de Paix by sponsoring the development of the families of Benin, in the areas of Colby, Matéri and Boukoumé through the vocational training of farmers. Creating efficient and sustainable system of food production.This project will help 30 villages, consisting of families of farmers, groups of women, farming organisations and consumer rights organisations. Giving approximately 3,000 people a chance of improving their food systems and ultimately their health and life in general.

This project aims to:

1) Improve production techniques to allow for the efficient and sustainable production of food.

2) Improve food processing, marketing and storage capacities in Benin.

3) Create a sustainable food system by teaching populations and authorities about the health risks associated with food and nutrition.

4) Improve the position of women and reduce the inequality between men and women.

iles de Paix