Promoting the education and protection of disadvantaged Sri Lankan children

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The aim of PADEM is to improve the quality of education for over 5000 families, spread across 6 tea plantations and 9 small villages in rural Sri Lanka.

The ATOZ Foundation supported this project aimed at changing the lives of some of Sri Lanka's poorest families. They renovated nurseries and primary schools by improving basic infrastructure such as clean water access, sanitation and road access. But what is a school without its teachers? PADEM also provided training to teachers on subjects such as nutrition, hygiene, teaching methods and follow-up subjects in the form of annual workshops and training days. Adolescents who couldn't continue into further education were linked to vocational training institutes to improve their chances at a stable livelihood. Finally, support such as training in income generating activities and housing improvements were given to families. In addition, this project aided the establishment of mechanisms for community led child protection systems. Rural Sri Lanka is tormented by high levels of child abuse and violence in homes, schools and childcare.

PADEM hopes that this initiative will prevent violations in children's rights and create a constructive environment to aid the improvement of the children's living conditions.