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Happy Chandara School

studGirls and teenagers

Happy Chandara school is located 12 kilometers from Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia and currently educates more than 1,300 students. 100 young girls are registered each year who will be supported throughout their education or professional training, until their first job.

ATOZ Foundation supports Happy Chandara Luxembourg through the sponsorship of the Lotus 10 class. This is a class of 29 students of grade 10 (aged 15). The Lotus 10 class specializes in social science.

The conditions of Phnom Penh are extremely poor, exposing these young girls to the dangerous environments of trafficking and exploitation. The school, created in 2006, has become an important part of the community, educating young girls and helping their families escape the cycle of rural poverty.

In recent years the Happy Chandara teams have been focusing on the development of post-final exam monitoring, professional training, and the integration of girls into the world of work as well as the construction of boarding schools.

Toutes à l'Ecole