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The ATOZ Foundation, established in November 2012 under the aegis of the Foundation de Luxembourg, seeks to sponsor projects in the Grand Duchy and abroad which foster learning and development in children, adolescents and young adults. For over four years, the ATOZ Foundation has given support to those projects which we believe will truly make a difference in the lives of children and their families, whether it be through learning new farming techniques in Peru, helping children in Luxembourg overcome dyslexia or working in close partnership with the University of Luxembourg to give students opportunities for real world experience in the field of tax law.


We've sponsored the First University Chair

for European and International Taxation in Luxembourg

Local Focus

The ATOZ Foundation is acting locally by supporting nearby assocations.

Employee initiative

Our members are encouraged to propose projects they actually want to support



  • October

    Prof. Werner Haslehner appointed as new ATOZ Chair for European and International Taxation

    Professor Werner Haslehner, ATOZ Chair



    The ATOZ Foundation is very happy to welcome Professor Werner Haslehner as the newly appointed ATOZ Chair for European and International Taxation at the University of Luxembourg.

    Prof. Haslehner's profile is available on the University of Luxembourg website at this link. 

  • July

    The Foundation renews its committment to sponsor a Master's student in Tax for the 2015/2016 school year with a 10,000€ scholarship

  • September

    Volunteering day with the children of L'Etape ASBL




    We spent a lovely day paddling down the Chiney River in Belgium before joining the children at their home for an afternoon snack! 

  • June

    The Foundation confirms the sponsoring of 7 projects for 2014

    Christian Schaack of the ATOZ Foundation presents a symbolic check to the Ecole Marie Consolatrice




    It will be a busy year for the ATOZ Foundation. We have choosen to sponsor a very broad range of new projects. From a children's photography exposition, to a European-level research initiative to help reduce the drop-out rate, all of these projects works towards our mission of supporting development through education. Learn about the other projects in our press release.

  • January

    A 10,000€ scholarship is awarded to a student in tax at the University of Luxembourg

  • October

    Three projects are officially presented and granted funding

    We held a special ceremony and cocktail reception to honor our first three projects. Click here to read about the event in our press release.

  • July

    Volunteering day to build a playground at the Kannerland centre in Esch-sur-Alzette




    ATOZ Members volunteered their time to build a lovely playground from scratch! 

  • December

    The ATOZ Foundation begins to sponsor the ATOZ Chair for European and International Taxation

  • November

    The ATOZ Foundation is officially created under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg


In July of 2009, ATOZ and the Faculty of Law, Economy and Finance of the Luxembourg University signed an agreement creating a first of its kind, privately financed, Chair for European and International Taxation. Currently held by Prof. Werner Haslehner, the “ATOZ Chair for European and International Taxation” was established in order to develop research activities and provide high-quality education in international and European tax law.

Regular seminars, conferences and research studies are organised throughout each academic year by the Chair in order to bring bright thinkers, researchers and students together. The Chair has also published various books on current topics in the field of taxation such as state aid, the exchange of information, European Court of Justice decisions on tax law and double taxation.

Students at the University of Luxembourg benefit from the Chair through an annual practical case study. Organised by ATOZ members, students are challenged to complete a practical case. Tax professionals from ATOZ volunteer their time to help and guide students in their learning, allowing them to gain invaluable practical experience for their future careers. In addition to this activity, the Chair awards a 10,000€ merit-based scholarship to a Master's student in the European and International Taxation programme each year.

The ATOZ Chair for European and International Taxation is a way to give back and help the next generation of tax advisers to not only fulfil their own potential, but also to ensure the future of the profession in Luxembourg and abroad.

Our accomplishments by the numbers

"Our objectives in funding the Chair were philanthropic not business-related. We wanted to fill a need that we saw, which was the provision of University-level tax education and research in Luxembourg."

- Keith O'Donnell,
Managing Partner of ATOZ


"In our ever more materialistic world, one cannot help but have great respect for people who feel strongly about making a social contribution to the community, as do the partners and staff of Atoz. It is a privilege, for me, to chair ATOZ Foundation's management committee. Like the partners and staff of ATOZ, I too, commit to serving the philanthropic goals of our foundation with heart and mind."

Christian Schaack


The Management Board is composed of a group of 5 members, appointed for a 3-year renewable term. The team includes President Christian Schaak, ATOZ representatives Norbert Becker, Keith O’Donnell, Fatah Boudjelida, and Tonika Hirdman director and representative of the Fondation de Luxembourg. The team is responsible for taking the decisions regarding the projects to be funded and promoting, as well as developing the long-term strategy relating to the foundation.


The Technical Committee, a group of five members appointed by the management board for 3 years, has a hands on role in the day-to-day function of the ATOZ Foundation. It is this team of diverse professionals, Fatah Boudjelida, Christiane O’Donnell, Samantha Schmitz-Merle, Julie Bourgeois, and Petra Penders who identify possible projects which correspond to the goals and the mission of the ATOZ Foundation, and bring them to the attention of the Management Board. After the Technical Committee’s careful review, the Management Board gives final approval for the funding of the project.

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